Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I'm missing...

I am one of our beloved Frodo's owner, writing for him. He has not written on his blog in awhile because he's been a busy boy! Going places, being lazy, or just having fun with his owners. It's a very sad time for us here. As I write this, tears stream down my face for his return. Last Wednesday evening, Frodo found a moment to dash out of the garage when the door opened. It was around dinner time, and granted our street is not a busy one, there are still cars that go by more so around that dinner time. We do not know what happened or where he is. This is the hardest part; not knowing.

Last Wednesday evening, it was a little misty outside. It was warm (for our area mid December) and the evening temps were in the 60's with periodic rain through Saturday. This past Sunday a cold front came through and by that evening it was in the 20's with a wind chill that felt like the teens. It has still been below freezing at night. I say all of this hoping he's not outside lost. He is not the type of cat to go away for very long; the longest being a short overnight stay outside (from 10pm to 7am). He's never been one to wander very far either.

Perhaps someone scooped him up and let them in his house. He is a beautiful cat, around 17 pounds, very docile, and has a personality of absolute sweetness. My 14 year old son is devastated (as am I and the rest of the family). Frodo was my sons' best friend; sitting on his desk each day during school (we homeschool), literally cuddling next to his head each night; and even cleaning him! Yes, Frodo would clean my son's head after he took a shower! It was hilarious!

Please pray for his return. We would love some closure, even if it is the news we do not want. Not knowing is the hardest part. Thank you for your kind support and sweet words you have shown towards our beloved Frodo.