Sunday, January 13, 2008

Many Salutations

My Dear Friends,
My utmost apologies for my tardiness on this blog. I have been such a busy little hobbit since I last posted. I will earnestly try to abreast you with my ongoings.

Since I last posted in November, you may enjoy hearing how chock-full my Thanksgiving was. I had an exorbitant serving of turkey and stuffing, from the eldest of the kid beans in The Shire. He sure knows how to love me- through my stomach! I lazed around the house most of November, occasionally picking off a bird or mouse.
In December, many unrecognizable beans came to The Shire. I believe the beans call them relatives or guests. I don't recall their names, but I managed to put up with their presence and occupying my favorite spots. Once they were left the premises, I felt more back at ease with life. For some reason, the extra noise and busyness makes me overstimulated. I rather retreat then hang around. I will note, though, that my stocking was full with furry little mice - not real as had dreamed about. But they were fun and full of my favorite spice in life - catnip!
New Years rolled around and I chose to stay close to my favorite beans bed. There were many loud explosions outside. The noise does not frighten me as it does Miss Coco (that fraidy-cat), but I treasure my keen sense of hearing and prefer to avoid the chaos at all costs.

Last week I was a bad boy. You see, 6 weeks ago the younger beans in the house brought home a Green Anole and declared it a new pet. It sure peaked my curiosity and, let's just say I had my way after 6 long tedious weeks. Last Wednesday, during the midnight hours, I jumped on the counter and unfolded my plan. I found a way to push the heat lamp, positioned next to the cage, aside, avoiding it to not fall off the counter and crash to the floor. I then knocked off a book or two that was on the cage top. Those beans were trying to weigh it down for extra protection, but they can't outsmart me. I then got my paw positioned just right and rigged the top off the cage. Mind you, no one woke up as I did this as quiet as a mouse. I retrieved the lizard and took off for a nice midnight snack in the upstairs hallway. Great day alive, he was scrumptious! I was not able to finish it off, and in a state of bliss, I left a few pieces on the hallway floor as I headed off to bed. When the young beans woke up in the morning, I was not on the creme-de-la-creme, so to say. I left behind a partial leg and a hand (or two) and well, I did not realize how upset they would be. Come now, what's a cat to do! He was part of the food chain!
All is forgiven now and life goes on. The young beans did bring home another lizard of some sort a few days ago. They seem to catch these twitchy little things outside and just don't realize how tempting it is for me! I'll write soon to let you know how long I can resist this one! Ciao Ciao. Meow.