Sunday, June 18, 2006

Noises In The Night

So, I've had a few complaints about how you humans are unable to view my posts very well. Honestly, it's as clear as day to me. But then again, I do have night vision. Don't you wish you did? Speaking of night vision... last night there was a tremendous bang in our house. I have the slightest idea of what could have made such a noise in the middle of the night, but indeed it was loud. The man of the house (or as I like to call him "intimidator") got up ready to defend the Shire thinking it was some kind of boogy man. After checking all over the house, he proceeded to open the door which in turn caught my attention. I walked down the hall and headed for the stairs, only find him walking back upstairs. You see, in the darkness, to you humans, it looks like a dark shadow. To a little hobbit as myself, it looked like a monster. Oh don't get me wrong, I like the guy for the most part. But sometimes he has a way of sounding (and acting) like a monster from time to time. But I'll save those details for another time. Right now, Whiska's is calling my name. Ciao Ciao. Meow.

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